Classmate USA, creator of the Official Spring Break Calendar, has been hosting the Classmate USA  Model Search since 1980. We are the longest consecutively running model search in the country. Each year, spring breakers are discovered and asked to model for the official Classmate USA Spring Break Swimsuit Calendar, and represent their college, university, or high school.

Originally shot in Daytona Beach, Florida, the model search has moved to Panama City Beach, Florida, and Miami, Florida. Each year, we arrive in Panama City Beach and Miami, looking for new model talent. No previous modeling experience necessary.  If you look  good in a swimsuit, this opportunity is for you!  We have approximately (10) swimsuit sponsors featuring some of the best brands in the industry.

You could win a free Spring Break vacation and photo shoot opportunity if you have exceptional model talent. Additionally, several "runner-ups" will be selected and invited to attend our photo shoot.  Runner-ups do no receive the free trip...just the same photo shoot opportunity.

If you are selected to win a trip, you'll receive up to a 4-day/3-night, all expense paid (airfare or appropriate travel allowance, hotel, and meals) trip to Panama City Beach, or Miami,  to take part in a free professional photo shoot for the next edition of the Classmate USA Spring Break Calendar.  Apply online and you'll be guaranteed a review by our staff for possible inclusion in our next edition.

There are two ways of being considered for our calendar.  Either we find you on the beach during Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL, or you find us by submitting an online application.

We find you...or you find us...

If you plan on being in Panama City Beach during the month of March for Spring Break, you might be discovered by a member of our scouting staff. It could be at the beach, at a club, or poolside. Our scouts discover a select number of models each year at spring break. These models are invited to register for an afternoon photo shoot with our professional staff of photographers. 

Here's the best way to get discovered. Submit your online application form and photos. We select the best "model potential" entries to participate. The photo shoots are usually just one afternoon, and the rest of the time is yours to enjoy Spring Break.

Additionally, we do a photo shoot in Miami during April. It's another chance to get discovered!

After the shoot...

We edit the shoot, and select thirteen (13) models from the entire spring break shoot. These models become the new faces of the next calendar edition.  The calendar is distributed worldwide.