Open Invitation From Our Founder... 

Dear Model Applicant,

Please accept our invitation to participate in the Classmate USA Spring Break Calendar Model Search. The original event started back in 1980, and to this day, has turned into the most unique, longest running model search in the country. This is an exciting opportunity for you to get nationally published. Modeling is very competitive. This is your chance to get discovered!

This model search event begins with someone like you.  You could win a trip, and several "runner-ups" selected from this internet search will receive an invitation to participate. You have to apply to participate in the model search. This site was created to find someone like you, who has model potential. We are looking for model talent to showcase. We are looking for you!

We award any trips to models with "exceptional model talent" to Panama City Beach, FL,  or Miami,...
March - May, or other spring break locations, for the photo shoot opportunity. Be sure to email in the best photos / video, etc. that you feel will grab our attention. We prefer swimwear shots or similar, so don't be shy! We do not expect you to have professional work, as some models do.

Several of our discovered models have found additional modeling jobs by entering our event. They have the talent, the ability... and they took advantage of the opportunity. If you have the model talent, please apply as soon as possible. Click on the application form.

We will evaluate every single application. Our goal is to find and showcase you. You may rest assured that we will treat all applicants with an equal opportunity .

We will be looking forward to seeing you this coming March at Spring Break, in Panama City Beach, Florida, or later in Miami,  and/or, at other great locations, as we expand the model search opportunity!


Steven R. Rosenberg
President & Founder
Classmate USA
(859) 624-2727 office
(859) 200-7740 cell