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PANAMA CITY BEACH             
Model Registration and Swimsuit Selection
Swimsuits By:

Dippin' Daisy's           Blue Sky
Sunsets/B-Swim        Venus
InGear/Plunge            Corpobonito
Shelby Swim              Red Carter
Bitsy's Bikinis                                Kuleana
Point Conception

Best Restaurants:

Captain Anderson's
Angelo's Steak Pit
Pineapple Willy's
Hammerhead Fred's
J. Michael's
Captain Jack's
American Diner
Hooter's on the Beach

                                                            PHOTO SHOOTS FROM PANAMA CITY BEACH and MIAMI BEACH
Classmate USA photo shoots
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Comfort Suites
RC Surfboards
Devoted Creations
Gator Saver
Peace Frogs