Frequent Questions

The following questions are commonly asked by our applicants. If you have any additional questions, please email them to us:

Q: How do I know that my pictures will actually be looked at?
A: Every application we receive is thoroughly reviewed by our staff. Even our founder will personally review your application. We want the " best of the best ", so it is in our best interest to review each application with great detail and consideration.

Q: How will I know if I am selected to participate in the photo shoots?
A: You will be contacted by phone, email, and/or postal mail, informing you of your selection, and providing additional instructions on what the next step is. 

Q: When you say "all expenses paid",what EXACTLY does that include?
A: It means that Classmate USA will pay for your round-trip airfare if you "win a trip" ( if over a six hour drive from Panama City Beach, or other spring break location, or, if  under a six hour drive, transportation allowance of $100 ), shared guest accommodation and meals for up to 4 days/3 nights, and ground transportation in Panama City Beach, or other spring break location per our discretion.

Q: Are you "really" giving away any free trips and/or  photo shoots?
A: Yes!    Keep in mind to win a free trip you must be considered "exceptional model talent".

Q: When do I have to submit my application and photos?
A: Applications are taken all year long, and are processed in the order they are received.  We suggest you apply early to get the maximum consideration and review of your application.

Q: How old do I have to be to apply?
A: 16 or above...under 18 will require a parental authorization if you are selected to participate.

Q: Can I re-apply  "again"  next year?
A: Yes. We suggest you submit newer photos to improve your chances of being selected. If you already were selected to participate before, you may also apply again.

Q: Do I have to be in college to apply?
A: No. You could be PTA...planning to attend one day in the future... or a current Freshman / Sophomore / Junior / Senior / Graduate...even if you didn't finish, or stopped going, you are eligible to participate. The college denotes only a location, not an endorsement. You could also be in a technical or vocational school. High school students may also apply.

Q: Is there an " application fee"?
A: NO, there is NO charge to apply.

Q: Do you have any references I can contact?
A: Yes. Please direct questions to Steve Rosenberg at:

Q: How many models participate in the calendar photo shoot?
A: We usually shoot a total of between 50 to 75 models during Spring Break. The best 13 models are then featured in the calendar, based upon the images taken during the professional photo shoots.

Q: How are the calendar models selected?
A: The final results are made by Steven R. Rosenberg, President & Founder of Classmate USA, and the publisher. The publisher has the final say.

Q: Do models get "paid" for the photo shoot?
A: Yes... if your image is selected for publication... $1000 cash for the front cover, and the other months will receive $300 cash.  All models who participate in the photo shoot also get the opportunity to make the Spring Break calendar, get to keep the swimwear they select to model, get products from our sponsors, etc. In addition, several models may be "discovered" by our sponsors, which leads to other paying model opportunities. 

Making the calendar is a priceless opportunity for a modeling career, especially if you get the cover.  

Q: Are there any legal issues to participate?
A: There are always legal issues that may arise in any event. For this reason, anyone who decides to participate in any fashion in the model search event, at any location, for any reason, agrees to have Hallandale Beach, FL as the jurisdiction for any and all legal disputes. By participating in any fashion, you agree to this jurisdiction and acknowledge same.